Monday, July 28, 2014

In a picture or in a brain?

I'll be the first to admit, I have a photo addiction.  For some reason, there is a part of me that feel like I must photograph every living, breathing, move my children make and then document it.  Why?  I guess you can say it is for the memories...the moments...the times I can't bare losing as new one's are made.  While my heart pounds every time I read back through this blog (of FOUR years!) and see the pictures, I sometimes think one thing... I really watch life through a tiny view finder on my camera?

Yes.  I do. While I have pictures to blog of the memories, I might just be missing the real moments.  The unscripted moment beyond the frame of an image.  The sounds, the instant facial reactions, the smells (yes, sometimes smells), and the touch.  So putting the camera down, not lugging it in my purse to every location our feet take us, was a monumental move for my craving, gotta-snap-it, soul.

Guess what happened?  I have memories in my brain.  Yes, my brain!  It's true, it's true!  :) 

Maybe we do get a little wrapped up in this blogging, and instragram, and post it on facebook, world that we forget the gift God gave us called a memory.

Like the memory of the gentleman at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Maggionos.  The instant his peaceful meal was interrupted by a flying penny, accompanied by a few splashes of water, as it hit his face. Now that is a look chiseled in my brain, forever!  Along with the embarrassing feelings that it was my daughter that miss the wishing fountain.  The look on Emma's face that (with no spoken words) said oh holy smokes, Hope just hit a man!  For a split second, I did think oooooo, this table cloth goes to the floor, I could dart under it quickly and it would be all Adam sitting here to claim the four year old kid with bad aim.  Being just a thought, we had Hope walk over and apologize to the gentleman.  God love him....he not only picked Hope's penny back up, but added a few extra coins of his own for her to toss in. 

Photos won't capture the laughs and conversations I currently hear coming from the next room as I sit here and type.  The two girls are playing legos with no TV on, yet still singing theme songs to shows they watch.  How bad do I want to grab the camera and go "peak in" hoping to snap an image of some good dance moves in pajamas.  Nah, today I let the memory in my brain keep it all.  And it is good.  

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