Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just because.

Tucking Emma into bed tonight she says, "Mom I have been keeping a secret from you and Dad.  But I really need to tell one of you because it isn't working."
Sticking her tongue through a hole in the side of her smile she continues, "I lost a tooth two days ago, but for some reason the Tooth Fairy won't come.  I put the tooth under my pillow when it happened, but it's been two nights now.  I didn't want to tell you because I was going to surprise in the morning when there was money under my pillow."

Oh my precious precious Emma, I'll let you read this someday and fill in the gap.  I just love you and your sweet innocence.  Please, oh please, don't ever grow up. xoxo  

Sometimes turning 4 takes a whole week.

Sunday, July 20, Hope got a little early kick-off celebration for her fourth birthday at her Uncle Todd's house.  Her birthday buddy, Grover was holding down his own celebration as he enters (da da daaaaa) the teenage years.  -gulp-


 There they are, the birthday buddies.  Born less than 24 hours hum, and nine years.

Monday, July 21, (Grover's official birthday) all the kiddos went celebrating at the Monon Water Park! 

Tuesday, July 22, Hope's official birthday came!  A trip to the Old Spaghetti Factory was in play.  And it's not a birthday meal without the whole restaurant looking at you during a good 'ol fashion serenade.  Afterwards consisted of presents on the porch - what a fantastic evening to enjoy the fresh air!

Saturday, July 26, the crew traveled down to Bedford to put on a princess party for the newly four year old.  And who could say it any better than Pete the's all good.

Shew.  Who knew turning four would take so long.  I just hope it last for year till we do it all again.

Monday, July 28, 2014

In a picture or in a brain?

I'll be the first to admit, I have a photo addiction.  For some reason, there is a part of me that feel like I must photograph every living, breathing, move my children make and then document it.  Why?  I guess you can say it is for the memories...the moments...the times I can't bare losing as new one's are made.  While my heart pounds every time I read back through this blog (of FOUR years!) and see the pictures, I sometimes think one thing... I really watch life through a tiny view finder on my camera?

Yes.  I do. While I have pictures to blog of the memories, I might just be missing the real moments.  The unscripted moment beyond the frame of an image.  The sounds, the instant facial reactions, the smells (yes, sometimes smells), and the touch.  So putting the camera down, not lugging it in my purse to every location our feet take us, was a monumental move for my craving, gotta-snap-it, soul.

Guess what happened?  I have memories in my brain.  Yes, my brain!  It's true, it's true!  :) 

Maybe we do get a little wrapped up in this blogging, and instragram, and post it on facebook, world that we forget the gift God gave us called a memory.

Like the memory of the gentleman at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Maggionos.  The instant his peaceful meal was interrupted by a flying penny, accompanied by a few splashes of water, as it hit his face. Now that is a look chiseled in my brain, forever!  Along with the embarrassing feelings that it was my daughter that miss the wishing fountain.  The look on Emma's face that (with no spoken words) said oh holy smokes, Hope just hit a man!  For a split second, I did think oooooo, this table cloth goes to the floor, I could dart under it quickly and it would be all Adam sitting here to claim the four year old kid with bad aim.  Being just a thought, we had Hope walk over and apologize to the gentleman.  God love him....he not only picked Hope's penny back up, but added a few extra coins of his own for her to toss in. 

Photos won't capture the laughs and conversations I currently hear coming from the next room as I sit here and type.  The two girls are playing legos with no TV on, yet still singing theme songs to shows they watch.  How bad do I want to grab the camera and go "peak in" hoping to snap an image of some good dance moves in pajamas.  Nah, today I let the memory in my brain keep it all.  And it is good.  

What's bundled up in that blanket?

Rummaging through some pictures from 2010 and found the above scene.  What is hiding in that blanket bundled up so tightly?  Whatever lies in there must be fascinating to have captured the undivided awe and memorizing looks from Emma and her Daddy. Maybe we should pull that blanket back and find out.....

Ahhhhhhhhh yes, now I remember!  A little wad of spunk, delivered straight from heaven.  And this week she turned four....just ask her.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Extraordinary! (That's fancy for special.)

We have girls.  Girls like to be girly if you allow.  Usually we confine the girlishness inside our home walls...except for our "Fancy Nancy Days."  These days are far and few between, in fact only three have been partaken in.  This time we added a new Fancy to the group.  Hope got to join in and learn all about fancy dressing, fancy talking, and fancy acting....just like in the books (which we had been reading up on prior to this day.) 
Drum roll please........
"TA-DA!  My napkin matches my dress!" 
The girls have no holding back and get to wear whatever they choose from all the fanciest items they have.  This year, Emma is beginning to coordinate and get a little more sophisticated with her fanciness.  Hope...she was all over the place!  Changing her mind a million times before we left.  Tiara, no flower...purse, no wand...princess shoes, no sparkly shoes.....oh MY!
A fancy lunch at Serenity Tea House in Zionsville.  And a lovely walk alongside the brick street...I just love my poised girl and my skipping gal.  xoxo  And of course, we didn't turn annny heads.  oh-la-la!
After our walk, we ventured (that's a fancy word for go) to the Flying Cupcake in Carmel for a scrumptious (that's a fancy word for good) dessert.
And what would top off this fancy day?  None other than a tea party with some of our finest friends.  Popcorn, grapes, and cherries served with tea (water) and sugar cubes (mini marshmallows).
(I must say, Emma sets a royal tea party for her and her guests....Hope, wellllll, she's more like the bartender for the group.)
And there you have it.  Fancy Nancy Day 2014.  When I asked the girls their favorite part of the day there were two different answers - surprise!  Emma, my darling Emma, loved "getting dressed up."  Hope, without a second to spare, replied, "CUPCAKES."

One more picture before we put this day in memory mode (and go back to our grass stained toes and ponytails!)  Five years in the making for this one....

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Giving...with an added photobomb.

Children With Hair Loss is an organization in Michigan that helps children in need of wigs for any of life's tragedies that cause hair loss.  Sweet Emma has been growing her hair for the past year to support such a cause.  She searched online and reviewed many different organization for hair donation, and finally picked this one.  After measuring the minimum of 8", yesterday was the day to make the cut.
She's a giver.  Learning that giving isn't just a monetary act, but instead giving is an act of many services.  This girl is a gem.  And I am blessed to have this beautiful-short-new-do-heart-the-size-of-Texas-girl to call my daughter.
***much to say about the photobomb daughter (pictured above) as well, but we'll save that for another day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer break isn't a break if your name is Grandma.

Just after seeing the Mary Poppins show, the two girls headed home with their Grandma for some slumber party - cookie eating - craft making - game playing - summer fun.  After three days with both girls, Hope left Grandma's home so Emma could have some of that 100% attention....ya know the kind of attention Hope can get during the school year.  So another three days Emma got to enjoy the time at "camp Grandmas."

After picking Emma up on a Wednesday, she rested for a couple days and was ready to head to the other Grandma's house.  Suitcases get barely unpacked until they reload.  Emma and Hope were back on the road heading south this time and meeting their cousins.

Summer is made for "camp Grandmas."  And my kids are taking full advantage of it.  From Montpelier to Bedford, the stories they have are carving some precious memories for them to always have.  Staying up late playing My Father Owns a Grocery Store to throwing candy at the Judah Festival, I am so thankful my girls have these memories!