Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember to ask why before answering.

Driving down the road a few days ago, as we sat in the turn lane, Emma asked from the back seat, "Mom, what happens if you don't turn the turn signal on?"

My answer was simple.  Well, semi-simple. It started off with a brief explanation of how it's a traffic law and not turning it on would be a violation.  Then it went on with how a police officer could pull me over for that.  "What would happen?"  Well, he could give me a warning...or a ticket.  "That's it?"  Well, a ticket cost money, and after so many traffic tickets I could lose my license.  Then it would be hard to drive you around to all your activities.  We had a good, what seemed to be forever, conversation about how getting traffic tickets worked and their repercussions. 
Emma, intensely listening, made me to believe I was succeeding in this monumental parenting moment of teaching the youngins'.

Until she politely proceeded after my explanation, "Oh.  I just thought the car wouldn't be able to turn."

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