Sunday, June 8, 2014


For those of you that spend time around our beloved Hope, you may hear her shout out "POLKA-DOT" at moments of complete weirdness.  Not weird to her though.  See, the word polka-dot is a secret code word we have here in the Phipps' house (and apparently it is used in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well.)
What does our secret word give clue to, you ask?


That's right.  Polka-dot is our secret code for "bus."  Most commonly bus #99.  Hope would be our look-out gal many mornings helping Emma get ready for school.  Then when 3:30 rolled around, she was my look-out gal for Emma's arrival home.  Several months back, she revealed she would let us know if she saw the bus with a secret code.  And that's when POLKA-DOT was born.
A few days ago, Hope was able to send Mr. Jim and #99 it's farewell message until we see them again next Fall.  Does this silence the secret code for the summer???
Of course not.

Polka-dot now references ALL buses, everyday, every road, every town.  That's right...just when you think your child is asleep in the back seat, a megaphone induced "POLKA-DOT" will scare the bageebers out of ya.

I love our polka-dot game.

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