Thursday, June 26, 2014

We don't do video games...

..we do this...
...and this.
Then we end up like this.
So we are a little weird.
But we sure have fun.


So this happened.  And it was fun.  Happy graduation Laura May....we will miss one of our favorite babysitters!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember to ask why before answering.

Driving down the road a few days ago, as we sat in the turn lane, Emma asked from the back seat, "Mom, what happens if you don't turn the turn signal on?"

My answer was simple.  Well, semi-simple. It started off with a brief explanation of how it's a traffic law and not turning it on would be a violation.  Then it went on with how a police officer could pull me over for that.  "What would happen?"  Well, he could give me a warning...or a ticket.  "That's it?"  Well, a ticket cost money, and after so many traffic tickets I could lose my license.  Then it would be hard to drive you around to all your activities.  We had a good, what seemed to be forever, conversation about how getting traffic tickets worked and their repercussions. 
Emma, intensely listening, made me to believe I was succeeding in this monumental parenting moment of teaching the youngins'.

Until she politely proceeded after my explanation, "Oh.  I just thought the car wouldn't be able to turn."

Speaks for itself.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Never ask the three year old where she wants her face paint at.

 This past Mother's day, the fam picked up and ventured down to the Broadripple Art Street Fair.  And yes, the girls found the face painting booth.  And yes, Hope pointed right to her forehead when the volunteer kindly asked where she wanted her lollipop.  Let's all just be glad Miss Wildcard stuck to the facial region.
 Around every corner was a table for kids to get their art on.  And so they did....even Dad helped.  Bubble wrap paintings, googly eye bookmarks, and even got their hands in some clay making seed bombs.  (Two pinch pots sealed together with dirt and sunflower seeds inside.)

They both are their own unique way.  Very very very unique some might say.

Bird in the garage.

No pictures and no long descriptive story.  Just a mental picture in my head and this documented note of the day Hope opened the door to the garage and found a bird flying around inside.  Must keep this memory forever.  The rest of you....just ask Hope, she'll tell ya.

Rain, rain, go away....or not...

Spring and the kick off for summer has involved a good amount of rain. While many times we just want it to go away, the kiddos seem to make the most of it. Waiting on the next big pour is kinda fun when you live in a barefoot world.  I love these kids and their 20 toes.


Monday blues.

Every Monday evening for the past 10 months, I got to prepare supper while Emma has her guitar lesson in the dining room.  She and her instructor, Matt, really jam it up sometimes and I love hearing the chords and melody strum through the house.  Her recital was a few weeks ago and last Monday was the last lesson until school starts up next fall.  So needless to say, I was humming the blues when listening to the crickets chirp while I fixed supper tonight.  Summer Mondays just may have to be take-out from now on. ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's more fun?

What's more fun than snazzy rain boots?
...jumpin' in puddles in the snazzy rain boots.

What's more fun than jumpin' in puddles in snazzy rain boots?
...two pairs of snazzy rain boots!
And what's more fun than two pairs of snazzy rain boots?
...dancin' with the dog wearing snazzy rain boots.
I just love snazzy rain boots.

She plays her own game.

Emma: "My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells something that starts with the letter C."

Hope: "M&Ms!!!"

Sunday, June 8, 2014


For those of you that spend time around our beloved Hope, you may hear her shout out "POLKA-DOT" at moments of complete weirdness.  Not weird to her though.  See, the word polka-dot is a secret code word we have here in the Phipps' house (and apparently it is used in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well.)
What does our secret word give clue to, you ask?


That's right.  Polka-dot is our secret code for "bus."  Most commonly bus #99.  Hope would be our look-out gal many mornings helping Emma get ready for school.  Then when 3:30 rolled around, she was my look-out gal for Emma's arrival home.  Several months back, she revealed she would let us know if she saw the bus with a secret code.  And that's when POLKA-DOT was born.
A few days ago, Hope was able to send Mr. Jim and #99 it's farewell message until we see them again next Fall.  Does this silence the secret code for the summer???
Of course not.

Polka-dot now references ALL buses, everyday, every road, every town.  That's right...just when you think your child is asleep in the back seat, a megaphone induced "POLKA-DOT" will scare the bageebers out of ya.

I love our polka-dot game.

Just because....

Just because I don't want to be "the mom that never posted Easter pictures from when we were kids" here you have it. Better late than never, right?!
"Hey kids, pick up your baskets and hold them."  Guess I should be more specific for some.