Thursday, May 29, 2014

The tiny moment.

Sometimes parenting is hard.  OK, lets be honest...most of the time parenting is hard.  Or at least can keep us wondering, "am I doing this right?" 

On a daily basis we plant mustard seeds of all sorts of things we want our kids to learn, understand, and practice.  Please, thank you, good sportsmanship, being a friend, working hard, what it is to want and earn, satisfaction, curiosity, etc, etc, etc....

Well, here is my story that happened a few days ago.  Nice weekend weather, Adam mowing and I still working in some flower beds.  Hope and Emma had played in the sprinkler all day and had just retired to the indoors.  Emma come out to ask me a question and long story short, due to the noise of the mower we traveled into the garage where we could hear each other talk.  She went back inside through the garage door instead of the back sliding door she originally came out of.

Many minutes later, I went inside to check on the girls.  First thing I saw was the sliding door was open.  The girls were inside, but the dog wasn't.  Within seconds, Emma and her huge heart melted into tears as she realized she had left the door open and our dog had escaped.  (We have no fence.)  The search mode went on.  We walked a few houses down the neighborhood - no dog to be seen. 

Emma was shaken.  Shaken bad.  She was so worried she had "lost Hank forever."  Assuring her he knows where we live and will come back, I had her and Hope sit by the door and wait for him while I jumped in the truck to circle the neighbor.

After circling a couple times, I see our panting-overheated-ball-of-fur come trotting along side.  I open the truck door, in he jumps and hangs his head out the window as we round the corner back home.  I open the door to the house, and Hank runs in.

The girls jump up and run over to greet him.  Both had red faces with tears rolling down their checks.  Emotions were allover from these two animal loving gals.  Then in the midst of the homecoming, the tears, the three seconds of poetic chaos, Hope pipes up and says, "we've been praying to Jesus that you would find Hank and bring him home!"

The homecoming drama continues, the tears are wiped, calmness slowly enters the room again.  Hank is back on his bed stretched out, the girls continue the game they were playing. 

Wait.  What?  They prayed?  They prayed.  They. Prayed.
Eight years old and three years old.  In a time of worry, fright, and sadness....they prayed.

My world stood still.  Amidst the drama of the situation, there was a tiny moment.  A tiny moment that had a huge impact on me as a parent.  We're doing OK. 
We. are. doing. OK.

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