Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pickin' it back up with a sweet smell...

So it's been over a month since last posted. No, we haven't been hibernating. In fact it seems to be the opposite. It's just of those moments in life where activities are picking up, the weather is warming up, and the evenings are staying lighter longer. All of which keep my camera clicking, but not so much sitting here in the computer seat.
However amongst all the exciting things happening, I adore my 8 year old who keeps me reminded of the small stuff.  I sit down on an exhausting night to give my email one last check before heading off to bed and reaching for a pen I see this....
..."open me."

A note from Emma.  Quietly sitting wedged between the pen holders....waiting....waiting quietly for someone to follow its instructions.

Inside was a 28 letter word find, already completed with every letter strategically circles.  Five words were found; dad, mom, mom, emma, hope.  (bonus mom!)

If the saying "stop to take time to smell the roses" sounds a bit cliche, well then I guess this all cliche.  And the roses have never smelled better.

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