Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back to her roots.

Over Spring Break this year, most days the kids hung out between home and Grandma & Papaw's house. However a quick travel for work from Daddy-O, took the family to a place we hold dear in our hearts....Columbus OH. While Adam went to some meetings, the girls took a dip in the hotel pool and hit up some shopping. And of course the trip can't be complete without a trip to one of our favorite places...the zoo.  This was the place Emma and I took daily trips to the summer we lived in Columbus.  Lots of memories made...and still in the making.
A cool day, but loads of fun.  No crowds, no lines.  Lazy (except the fox that had to pee), funny animals.  Statues to climb on and pose...why does my oldest struggle to climb the small ones when our half pint is on the biggest ones in seconds?  A packed picnic, a carousel ride, escaping kangaroos, and train ride.  Ohhhh Hope, to have a video of you on the train.  Melting my heart to share my love of this place with our Hope....these are her roots. 

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