Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vocabulary Parade!

Watch out Union Elementary - the Vocabulary Parade is coming through!  That's right 100plus students all dressed up to resemble a word, marched through the cafeteria, stopping on stage and giving their definition. 

And what was our favorite word of the day, you ask?  Annually, of course!  "Adverb; to reoccur or preform once a year!"  The costume lit up the house (literally) as she wore a hat made out of plastic cups and battery operated lights.  It was the New York Times Square ball drop!  The rest of the costume displayed the New York City street full of firecrackers and confetti.  The front of the costume had a calendar highlighting New Year's Day.  Everything thought up and designed on her own (just a little help with the glue gun from mom).  Now this girl has a thought process I can understand! ;)

Great job Emma Lillie!!!  Proud of you and your creative spirit!  Congrats to all of Mrs. Mulney's class and other 2nd grade parade of the year!

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