Sunday, March 30, 2014

The girls...

Emma, Hope and cousin Allie getting all girled-up with an evening of castle playing, house make-believing, school pretending, fancy dress-up dressing, glow stick pajama throwing party fun!  There was a lot of pink, purple, and sparkle going on.  Not to mention quite a few giggles too.  Girls will be girls!

 *note - to get Allie to smile say "make silly face!"  To get her to make a silly face, be sure to say "pretty smiles!"  Maybe it was just her dress up face?! ;)
Here we go - all smiles here!
The next morning the girls got their pink on at Lion's Park.  With Emma being 8, Allie being 5, and Hope a few months shy of 4...I would like to see this picture duplicated in five years - what a treat that would be on this same slide!
The girls.  Two zonked off...and I'm not sure about the other one.

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