Saturday, March 29, 2014

Table Starters

Ever go to one of those meet-n-greet events and there are table starters on the table. You know, the tiny cards that you and a group of people you barely know just stare at, waiting for someone to make the awkward move to pick one up...let alone break the barrier and read it out loud forcing everyone to answer.  Life long friends are made this way, right? 

So where is this story going?  Emma comes home from school one day last February, and actually doesn't just say the typical "good" answer when asked how her day was.  She pleasantly talked about fractions in math and declared that she was going to make supper for her dad and I.  This was a spin off of her teacher's examples of cooking using fractions, 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, etc, etc.  A little nervous I was, just turning over the kitchen.  Don't get me wrong, Emma is a supreme helper in the kitchen, but solo?  Solo?  And she made it clear, it would be waffles and scrambled eggs.

As much as I wanted my hands in there, I followed her request letting her amaze me with her skills.  I showed her our homemade batter recipe and off she went.  I offered few answers to a few questions she had and enjoyed watching every minute of her reading, measuring, learning how to use the timer, all the while keeping little sitter at bay.  Then out came a table cloth, candles, and decorations.   Hey when this girl does something, she goes all out!  All.out.  (no idea where she gets that from) ;)

Adam came home to quite the welcome.  Dimmed lights, candles flickering, and warm waffles on the perfectly set table.  As we ate, Emma instructed Hope they were not aloud to talk, and we (Adam and I) were to pretend there were no kids there.  Then, as we ate, we were given Table Starters by our hostest with the mostest.
"How was your day?"
"Where is your favorite place to eat?"
"Tell something you saw on email today"
...and my personal favorite, "Did the pipes freeze?"  (Please direct this to the Polar Vortex posts!)

Adam and I enjoyed so much our dinner and conversation with each other.  Let's face it not many meals are centered around what we did during the day.  So there is a good chance I may have just made a life long friend with these Table Starters tonight.  Thank you Emma Lillie for your thoughtful heart.

Now, I know you are wondering....who got stuck cleaning up?  No surprise.  Mom with the help of Dad.  ....and the two yahoos went off playing.  Kinda the pitfall of what was a relaxing wonderful dinner, aye?
No, not really.  Because I found this as I was cleaning up the "prep area"....

Nothing more needed to be said.  It was then and there my heart humbled as I looked at the writing and drawing of an eight year old.  Her unselfish planning for conversation and table decorations (the drawing) went way beyond extra practice of fractions for school.  Emma - the girl who always takes the simplest tasks in life and turns them into a service for others.  God has created such a beautiful thing with her.  Forever grateful.

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