Friday, March 28, 2014

Show me the love, not snow!

Happy Valentine's Day! (...over a month late, not bad, not bad.)

Valentine's day falls on February 14.  It hadn't snowed in a couple days, in fact there seemed to be some almost pleasant weather brewing. The plans for this love filled Friday were that I would take Hope to our blessed neighbors around 1:00 to play, then I would go into Emma's school and help with the "game station" during the big 2nd grade Valentine party.  [side note: game station?  What was I thinking?  Crafts, stick with crafts.  Oh ya, definitely crafts.]  I would leave school, pick up Hope, be home in time for Emma to get off the bus, have girls ready for big date night out with their dad as soon as he got home...word was he was taking his girls out fancy.  Lovely plans for this lovely day.

Get real, it's the winter that wouldn't end.  Let's share how it really went down....
Everyone up, Emma off to school, Adam off to work, all good. 
Noon hits, lunch time. 
Oh wait, whats that I see out the definitely isn't the neighbor's house because it is a WHITE OUT!  ummmm, weathermen, your "get a couple inches on Saturday" didn't quite fit the bill.  It was Friday and the snow was coming down hard.  Within an hour there was an inch.  We couldn't cave now. 
Load up Hope and games, slide down the drive, and off to the neighbors. 
Slide into neighbor's drive (literally). 
Drop off Hope, head to school in a wintery mix of snow and sleet.  What can you do though, you're already out, turning around and going back would have been just as bad. 
Pull into school - in the out, mind you.  Did I mention it was hard to see? 
Carry a bunch of games into school as inches of snow falls.  Hey I wasn't alone, the pack of mom's carrying in party stuff began to get comical to watch.  All were sharing their slipping and sliding stories! 
Have party.  Get head ache. *refer to side note above

The principal comes over the intercom and says "If any parent volunteers are still in the building, please feel free to take your child home with you after the parties to releave bus drivers from as many stops as possible."  geez. 
Done, Emma in car, head back to neighbors, slide in drive, pick up Hope. 
Drive back to our driveway, get stuck in driveway, carry girls in house, neighbor come over and help push car up drive.  ThankyouverymuchGregwhatwouldwedowithoutyou! 
Hunker down inside, get warm, watch as snow continues, text hubby and say, "if you want to be home even close to bedtime, you better start now!" 

He already had.  And stopped for take-out.

Happy Valentine's day 2014.  Home, warm, with my loves....and Chinese, yum.

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