Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 - Part VIII

We made it. Is it over? It is March and still snowing. Nah, this is nothing. There isn't any amount of snow we can't handle now, baby. See ya Polar Vortex 2014. Bring out the tricycle and cheer on spring.

But as we do close this chapter of winter memories, there are several things pictures didn't show.  Like the formed ice damn created on our garage rooftop that kept the melting snow from going anywhere other than IN our garage. [note: spring remodeling project ahead] 

Or the dozen times I got stuck in our drive with the Equinox...most of the times it was off the road and left for the hubby to push out when he got home.  But what about the times it was blocking the road, the three times that three different neighbors help push out.  God bless our neighbors!

Or how about the many times I hung outside the spare bedroom window with a broom (and many times ice pick) to help heavy snow and ice get off the reachable roof.  Those would have been some classic pictures, aye?!

Or how about the day Adam and I stood out in the freezing rain shoveling snow and ice out of the street to find the drain so it could flow away from the freezing damn created at the mouth of our driveway.  Three times.  brrrrr.

Or how about all the school bus mornings I got to hold my eight year old's hand and walk her down the drive so she wouldn't slip on the ice rink of a driveway.  My nose hairs would freeze, but I loved it.  I love holding her hand.

Or how about the zillion times we syped with Grandma and Papaw to swap snow stories, compare temperatures, and lets face it....give the kids some entertainment so mom could go have 10 minutes of peace. ;)  Oh, how I now appreciate the rare moments of silence.  God bless grandparents and technology!

Or how about all the moms making bets on school closings and delays through Facebook chatter.  Lots and lots of Facebook chatter amongst stir crazy moms!  Bonding we will call it.

Or how about, the blessings of the seasons, the blessings of being kept safe and warm, with plenty to eat (like bananas), and the blessing that all things to come to an end. 

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