Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 - Part VI

The truck.  Oh the truck.  Loaded down with weights and still can't make it up the slippery slope of a driveway we have.  So on the street it has been parked.  What happens to a vehicle when parked on the street and the snowplow goes past?  You guess it, it gets a nice wall of snow packed around it.  The first round I shoveled out you can see in the back part of the truck, didn't stop round two (and three, and four, and...) from coming though.  So this beauty is left standing lonely as Adam drives the mom taxi to work daily.  What does all this mean?  Loooooong days stuck inside for momma and her youngest.

The youngest.  The one who would run around the neighborhood, climb trees, and somersault down the lawn on a daily basis if life allowed.  Cabin fever has definitely set in.  This is where I found her one afternoon.  She informed me (as serious as could be), "I'm just trying to get a little sun."  Poor thing.  We all could use some vitamin D!
But instead we got tea parties, indoor pretend beach parties, hide and seek amusement, fancy hair-do days, and not to any one's surprise a lot of mischief!  P.S. clothes are optional during Polar Vortex.

 This could very well be one of the mischief days.  Hearing a crash in the bathroom, to our surprise we found a three year pretending to be a gymnast as she jumped off the step stool and "swing from the towel ring."  The towel ring didn't hold.  And I have to admit, this parent didn't hold well either...seriously, who scolds their child then says, oh can you come here so I can take your picture?  Yep, that's this stellar parent.  :)

Dear Hope, 
The days were long, but they were some of my most memorable.  What would I do without you?  Who would make me laugh and keep me on my toes?  Who would create some of the most entertaining parenting stories for me?  You.  Beautiful you.  Never change sweet and spunky girl....well, except for that obeying your parent thing, keep working on that, would ya? ;)
Love you to the moon and back and back again!  MWAH!

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