Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 - Part V

The Great Meltdown.
As temperatures rise, the snow melts slowly in the afternoon sun. Just enough to trickle down and refreeze overnight creating some of the most massive icicles made.

As I went to get the mail one afternoon, I was amazed to see how close our four legged night visitors come to our front porch.  The deer tracks go all the way up to our front door!  And as for the picture below...what photographer wouldn't see a mother bird from this snowy drop that landed perfectly in a barren nest.

As for the weather, it stays still, then snows again.  As if we are in some sort of snow globe that keeps getting shaken.  School delays come and parents wait while guessing if the next day will be closed.  However on a positive note, a trip to the grocery one fridged evening landed me on a jackpot of savings.  Apparently with people home bound, the produce isn't getting bought quickly.  Works for me.....I came home with 57 bananas for the freezer at a steal of a price!  For this household, that is good as gold.

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