Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 - Part IV

And what does a family do when they are summoned to their house?  Entertainment themselves!

Luckily, the travel restriction was lifted and Adam was able to get out for work, driving the mom taxi and leaving his truck behind as it wasn't safe on slick roads.  (Using the slick figuratively, I was informed they were actually bumpy with chunks on snow and ice packed down deeply on them...then add the slick on top.)
Adam leaves, but the school are still closed.  Temperatures aren't rising much and we've heard there was a waterline break at the Elementary school...3rd and 4th grade pod's sprinkler system has made quite the wet mess.  All the while, us girls are home, keepin' it warm.  While I try to find two seconds of solitude, Emma finds my camera.  And here is where the entertainment begins (we'll just showcase the top 10).....

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