Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014 - Part III

Baby it's cold outside.
The temperatures have dropped and windchill has set in.  Temperatures have been below zero...way way way below zero.  Cabinet doors under the sinks have been left open, water is left dripping, pipes in garage have been covered.  Hank's outside bathroom breaks have turned into a quick two second do what ya gotta do and get the heck back inside.  Travel on roads has been restricted to emergency personal and snow crews only.  As snow and moisture freezes weighing down power lines, electricity is a luxury we were fortunate to have.

Oh ya, and as for the school that was to start back up after a two week Christmas break?  Of course, closed.  Closed.  And closed again.  5 more times to be exact (not that any parent was counting.)  That's right, we can all say, "Hey Emma, remember the year you got a three week Christmas break?!"  Happy kids gone crazy.  Keepin' it warm, keepin' it warm.

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