Friday, March 7, 2014

From picket fence and flowers to concert posters.

Last Friday, Adam took his oldest daughter to a music concert. (Sorry, no photos).  Our little musician is star struck for her favorite music on K-Love.  Just ask her her favorites and a long list will spew out without hesitation....Jamie Grace, Mandisa, For King and Country, Big Daddy Weave, Toby Mac, Meridith Andrews, Mariah Peters, and...and...and...
Friday's concert featured Jamie Grace, Third Day, and even Skillet  -  Emma's first taste of heavy metal!  She loved it all....well, aside from the "thunder music", aka heavy metal.

It reminded me of an evening Emma and I spent last December at the K-Love Christmas Concert.  This concert we splurged for the VIP tickets.  And what a great experience for a "first concert" it was!  Emma was treated like royalty amongst the stars.  So much that when For King and Country's music comes on the radio, she says "there is Luke and Joel."  Gotta love the first name basis! 

Preconcert we were allowed a lot of pictures, a Q&A session with each artist, and offered front row seats.  The concert was amazing itself.  Emma's eyes grew with each song and by the end she was singing and dancing.  And to complete the night, we had to purchase a CD for all the autographs.

We came home with signed t-shirts, CD's, and a poster.  A poster.  Not just a poster, the first concert poster.  And then last Friday, another concert poster of Jamie Grace.  And as life has it, the cute white picket fence with carefully constructed felt flowers got moved in her room.  The butterfly appliques have been scooted.  Posters with musicians, autographs, and concert dates have made their way up.

...and that's OK...right?  Right, is OK. ;)

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