Friday, March 28, 2014

Always welcome little hands to pray before mealtime.  Apparently we welcome a little entertainment as well.

 "Open and shut them, Open and shut them, give a little clap.  God is great, God is good. [Begin singing] And Jesus was his name-O...Amen"

"Dear Jesus, I want to go to Papaw's house. Help us to obey and not lock the doors. And, help Hank to go outside to pee and poop. In Jesus Name, Amen..."

 "Dear Jesus, thank you for today, please help us get four more sleeps so we can go to Papaw's house, please help us obey and help us not run the scooter into the kitchen cabinets again and again, and please help us say no to the birthday party at Marianna's house tomorrow. Amen"    

(Anyone know who Marianna is???  I bet this girl does.)

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