Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A meatloaf in my purse couldn't warm my heart anymore.

Many times my posts revolve around scrap-booking the quirky life my girls spin me in.  However this evening, a little different take on the blogging.  Sharing something close to my heart, that rather than be a memory of something one of the girls did, it would instead be something they take with them in their journey of life.

I love serving people.  Helping people.  Loving on people.  I love seeing other people serve people.  And help other people.  And love other people.  Sound like a sugar coated world?  Kinda.  It doesn't always happen that perfectly.  But what if it did?  What. if. it. did. 

Almost three years ago, I began taking meals to a family that was battling cancer.  Every Friday, I would  cook double meals for supper, pack up, and deliver one while my family was served the other.  During the journey, a neighbor needed the same help.  Many nights three meals were being served out of my kitchen.  It became so easy to sign up on the meal calendar, but the doing became challenging as I can't keep up with my own family's daily schedules most of the time!
But the joy, oh the joy, the complete overwhelming joy it brought, as I saw the meals lift up people who needed a lift.  Not one time do I regret the time devoted to these families.

As time passed the meals were no longer needed.  But sure enough time didn't stand still for very long, and yet another very dear and close family found out they too were on the same journey.  This time the family was located a bit of a distance from our home, and after signing up to help, the doing became even more challenging than before.  But meals I made, and more meals I delivered.  And just as before the joy was unspeakable.....for both sides of the dinner plate.  

It was evident the deeds were appreciated from the receivers, but I had no idea these actions were being so closely watched by someone else.  (Two someone-elses to be exact.)  
They joy I was getting for serving and helping others doesn't even come close to the joy I saw in a simple paper Emma brought home from school the other day.  The assignment was "describe something you have done that shows you care for people."
There is a thing about helping others.  Too many times in life, I think we tend to say we will help then end the story there.  It is easy to do.  Guilty as charged, here.  We've got kid's schedules, husband's schedules, our own agendas and the rush rush of life that can stand in the way.  Hand downs, it is way easier to say you will help and be content, but what does that really accomplish?  But finding out that what we say is nothing compared to the real joy of doing.  Compassion and desire, compassion and desire, a beautiful thing.

Emma and Hope, 
Thank you so much for helping me serve our friends for the past two years.  What seemed like a chore at times, became a wonderful time together.  So proud of you both for being "doers" and bringing joy to the world.  My prayer tonight is that you practice this virtue throughout your whole life and pass it on for generations after.  Judging by the above picture, I think you have already embraced it.  Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.
xo, Mom

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