Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little somethin' more than just cousins...

Two kids who didn't ask for it, were defaulted into being cousins because of their parents.  Sounds like a prison sentence, huh?  Not for these two.  There is something between these girls that no one can really explain.  They think alike, talk alike, act alike, ARE alike in every way....yet there is a three hour driving distance between them.  When they do get together, there is nooooo stopping them.  They are in their own world, ah-hem I mean galaxy, and instantly begin plotting together.  A friendship that ranks pretty high on the loyalty chart.

Let's go back three and a half years.  From day one, Amaya took Hope under her wing.  Just look at the 18 month old's face as she takes in this new cousin she has been dealt.  No question, this cousin was going to be a buddy for life.
So here it is, almost four years later and the two most definitely have become partners in crime.  Probably safe to say, they will forever have each others back.  Which is a good thing, because I wasn't kidding when I mentioned partners in crime. ;) 
There they are.  Two kids, cousins by default, but best buddies by choice.  Some might even call them twins....but that's a whole different story and post for this family, just ask "twins" Micah and Emma!

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