Thursday, February 6, 2014

Go Fish

There is no secret that Hope is a huge fan of Children's Church on Sunday mornings.  I would like to say it is because she is a fan of the lessons, but a few weeks ago when I asked her what the story was about, her response "Jesus, aaagain" leads me to believe that isn't her main focus.  Pretty sure this therory was confirmed two Sunday's ago when her dad was the first at the pick up door, and we hear a very loud three year voice yell over the music, "No Daddy, not yet, we haven't had our snack yet!"  (should I point out this came from the only child sitting on a table?)  Yep, she is ours.

This desire for Goldfish may come from my will to keep artificial dyes, GMOs, toxic ingredients, and what-not out of my snacking child's life.  But hey, who is going to argue with the poor volunteer that herds all those three year old's Sunday after, not me.  You go Ms. Teacher, throw 'em as many Goldfish as it takes!  And take, Hope does.  She downs those little yellow guppies as fast as she can.  Probably tells all the other kids in class how she never gets them at home from her mean 'ol momma....and probably sticks some stash in her pockets for later too.  I don't know, just guessing.

Last Sunday while eating lunch, we asked Hope if she got some Goldfish for a snack in Sunday School.  She said, "yes. (pause) And they went swimming."   Now after parenting child #1, this wouldn't send out red flags, since we could count on it only being her imaginative dreams of stories.  However, when child #2 says something like this, you question it.  And so we did.

She proceeded to tell us, that her fish went swimming in her water.  After more questioning, she honestly tells she was the only child that put her Goldfish into her water cup to "make them swim."  And she also shared that she did drink the water and eat the soggy creatures as well.
Again - all kudos go out to the volunteer teacher here.  Wonder what she truly thinks of "that Hope kid."

So there you have it.  My snacking little fish and her own little world.  Keep her?  Ya, why not....she is kinda cute. ;)  Go Fish.

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