Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where to start?

Since my blogging has been pretty sparse over the past six months (did I even leave a trace that Hope had a 3rd birthday party?), I decided to start by going back to one of the most enjoyable weeks of the year. Drumroll please.....the seven days we spent on a beautiful family resort in Panama Beach Florida. That's right, this Phipps' family finally took the plunge and went on a full-fledged vacation. Ya know, the kind that doesn't mean follow dad on a work trip, extended weekend, visit family and crash at their house, attend a wedding kind of vacation. I'm talking Saturday to Saturday, just us, no appointments, do what we want when we want kinda of vacation.  And. it. was. wonderful.

As you can imagine, this momma has a million pictures, but for blogging sake and the 3 year old next to me wanting me to hurry up, we will just post a few.  A few of the fun ones, that make me say "take me back.  Now, please!" 

Exactly what I would love for my girls to remember.  The biggest nachos ever, the fun on the beach, the air born pool throws, miniature golf where everyone got a hole-in-one, attack from Cheetos eating seagulls, clothing being optional, Dad's crab catching adventures, and movies on the beach.
Feeling stupid crazy blessed to have this week in our journey of life.

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