Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Testing...testing...is this thing on?"

"can anyone hear me out there?" Seems to be so silent in this blog that we can hear the flies fart and the cobwebs collecting.  So where is that beautiful-beautiful Phipps' family? 

Right here.
Stuck.  Stuck in a camera.  Stuck on a hard drive.  Boring.  B-orrr-orrr-orrrring.  Someone put this poor blog out of it's misery and kick it back into high gear. 

OK.  You have been warned. 
Stay tuned in the next few days as this over-pleasing, multi-tasking, extremely-organized, technology-driven momma gets her rear in gear on this blogging thing.
[laughter fills the room, as the day-dreaming, not-realistic, unplugged momma sets up for failure]

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