Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm not sure how to explain her.

In attempt to help Hope stay out of mischief (aka trouble), I have been working more with hands on activities together.  The goal - to help her start to learn the behavior of sitting still, finishing what you start, and being creative.  Easy with child #1....she came out ready to focus on life.  Child #2 is quite the challenge.  However, her burning desire "to go to school with Emma," is what I have been using as motivation to teach these skills.

Yesterday we sat and worked on a snowman craft constructed out of marshmallows.  I would give her simple step by step instructions and she was happy to follow....for a few minutes
Then it was off to sticking her leg in the cabinet doors, pulling out more paper, leaving to go find a movie, all the while saying, "you help me mommy."  Well, I did help, but it followed with a good conversation about the difference between help and doing the project for someone.  Again, relating back to school and how she wants to go and learn like Emma.  School, school, school.....
Proud to say she did finish the craft "just like you would in school," she said.

That evening as Hope was getting her jammies on for bedtime, I asked her if she told her dad what she did that day.  She proceeded to explain faintly about a snowman made of marshmallows.  I added to the conversation that we were practicing good manners on how to sit still and follow instructions adding "so tell Daddy where you are going to go someday..."
She stands up, no top on - just bottoms, stretches her arms out as far as they can reach side-to-side, then proud as can be, she lifts her chin up, looks in the sky with eyeslids closed and exclaims...


Seriously, I give up.

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