Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catchin' the moments.

Wednesday - dance night.  For the past two years, Wednesdays have been spent driving a sweet ballerina in the making, to Village Dance Studio.  This i where the magic happens.  Magic, us moms don't get to see very well.  The curtains, unless swept by tiny, mischievous fingers from the inside, keep us mommas from distracting the dancers with our stares of awe.  So drop off and pick, I do...until last night,  Mommy and Me night.

First class was Tap.  We will refer to this as the cardio-noise louder than a heard of elephant-loud class.  Wowza.  Totally amazed at all the different moves of a single tap that my daughter has learned, but equally amazed at her endurance to keep up with the wired Ms. Marissa! After stumbling my way through "tapping", we continues to an hour of Ballet II class. 
Poetry in motion. 
I adore the gentleness, the poise, the overwhelming peace that moves this class.  The perfect description of my 8 year old's precious heart.  We went to the bar accomplished many ballet warm ups and poses that pushed my every muscle....every muscle. 

From cardio to muscle strengthening, it was an epiphany for me last night that Emma is not just a dancer in the making, but a workout queen!  I love the discipline she is creating for herself.

And what did the little sis do during this hour and half?  "Sweep" her stomping tap moves and floating spins all across the floor, all the while making silly faces in the mirror.  -sigh-  Maybe soccer?

Thank you Emma Lillie for showing me an evening of your graceful spirit. xoxo

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