Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm not sure how to explain her.

In attempt to help Hope stay out of mischief (aka trouble), I have been working more with hands on activities together.  The goal - to help her start to learn the behavior of sitting still, finishing what you start, and being creative.  Easy with child #1....she came out ready to focus on life.  Child #2 is quite the challenge.  However, her burning desire "to go to school with Emma," is what I have been using as motivation to teach these skills.

Yesterday we sat and worked on a snowman craft constructed out of marshmallows.  I would give her simple step by step instructions and she was happy to follow....for a few minutes
Then it was off to sticking her leg in the cabinet doors, pulling out more paper, leaving to go find a movie, all the while saying, "you help me mommy."  Well, I did help, but it followed with a good conversation about the difference between help and doing the project for someone.  Again, relating back to school and how she wants to go and learn like Emma.  School, school, school.....
Proud to say she did finish the craft "just like you would in school," she said.

That evening as Hope was getting her jammies on for bedtime, I asked her if she told her dad what she did that day.  She proceeded to explain faintly about a snowman made of marshmallows.  I added to the conversation that we were practicing good manners on how to sit still and follow instructions adding "so tell Daddy where you are going to go someday..."
She stands up, no top on - just bottoms, stretches her arms out as far as they can reach side-to-side, then proud as can be, she lifts her chin up, looks in the sky with eyeslids closed and exclaims...


Seriously, I give up.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Decade.

dec·ade ˈdekād/
a period of ten years.

Emma (3), Hank (5), backyard in Bloomington
Emma (4), Hank (6), backyard Powel, OH

Emma (8), Hank 10th birthday, Zionsville

Ten years ago for Christmas, my husband got me the most perfect present ever.  A dog.  A dog we named Hank.  He has been my buddy, best friend, loyal companion since day one.  
For the first two years of his puppy life, he slept at the foot of our bed, most of the time curled up on my feet.  But then on evening, he seemed restless and moved his way up, snug against my oversized belly. 
The next morning, contractions started, and within hours Emma was born.  
Four and half years later, we had moved to Zionsville where one evening I was stretched out laying on the couch.  Always by my side, Hank lay sound asleep on the floor next to the couch.  He was snoring his doggy snore, when out of the blue his head jerked up in high alert.  I asked, "what's a matter Hank, did you hear something outside?"  He never went to the door, but rather stood next to the couch and lay his head across my midsection.  He rested his chin and stretched neck right across my belly button as if time stood still.  
It was the very next day, I felt baby #2 give it's first "feelable" flutter in the womb.
I adore this dog.  All the sheded hair, the begging at the dinner table, and the sometimes on going barking doesn't compare to the bond between a girl (and her girls) and their dog.  
Happy (late) 10th birthday, Hank.  I love you to the moon and back...and back again, too.

Catchin' the moments.

Wednesday - dance night.  For the past two years, Wednesdays have been spent driving a sweet ballerina in the making, to Village Dance Studio.  This i where the magic happens.  Magic, us moms don't get to see very well.  The curtains, unless swept by tiny, mischievous fingers from the inside, keep us mommas from distracting the dancers with our stares of awe.  So drop off and pick, I do...until last night,  Mommy and Me night.

First class was Tap.  We will refer to this as the cardio-noise louder than a heard of elephant-loud class.  Wowza.  Totally amazed at all the different moves of a single tap that my daughter has learned, but equally amazed at her endurance to keep up with the wired Ms. Marissa! After stumbling my way through "tapping", we continues to an hour of Ballet II class. 
Poetry in motion. 
I adore the gentleness, the poise, the overwhelming peace that moves this class.  The perfect description of my 8 year old's precious heart.  We went to the bar accomplished many ballet warm ups and poses that pushed my every muscle....every muscle. 

From cardio to muscle strengthening, it was an epiphany for me last night that Emma is not just a dancer in the making, but a workout queen!  I love the discipline she is creating for herself.

And what did the little sis do during this hour and half?  "Sweep" her stomping tap moves and floating spins all across the floor, all the while making silly faces in the mirror.  -sigh-  Maybe soccer?

Thank you Emma Lillie for showing me an evening of your graceful spirit. xoxo

Monday, January 27, 2014

...oh ya, we're Colt's fans too.

Emma's first NFL football game.  One row from the very top.  Good times.

Have I ever mentioned we cheer for IU?

...and we cheer HARD.
Football season seems to be a favorite, and back in November we made a day of it!  The girls got in their cream and crimson, and were treated like royalty with the cheerleaders.  Molly (our absolute fav) took the girls on their own journey around campus spirit land, teaching them the best of all cheers.  Gorgeous gals, if I don't say so myself!


After the parade into the stadium, we had a little fun in the kid-zone.  Way to get your IU on girls!

Trying to get on the jumbo tron might just be the best event at the game.  They danced and cheered the whole time!  What a hoot!

Love this crew!

My rockstar.

Still catching up on some memorable moments, and this one simply can not ever be erased. December held recital #2 for our beautiful guitarist. She graced the stage amongst a cast of pianist preformers and sparkled like non other. I just love this girl and her talent more than words can ever say. xoxo

Christmas 2013 Highlight Reel...

Ohhhh what a week of Christmas! This year the family train just kept on going.  Six family celebrations in five days, just back in time for the Colt's game.  We went from our comfy home in Zionsville down to Bedford, then farther south to Lynnville, back up to Zionsville, on up to Montpelier, then over to Cincinnati.  Blessed to have a plethora of family, however the rush-rush of it all didn't leave much time to play and visit.  But it did allow for a few pictures to be snapped including a snazzy view of our 12' live Christmas tree...kerwow.