Monday, December 16, 2013

Pulling up the dirty ones.

As Christmas approaches, I start to widdle through hundreds of pictures to create some of those ever-so-memorable Christmas presents and stumbled onto a lot of pictures that never made blog history.  Now either one of two things has happened....I either take way too many pictures, or I have been slacking off on the blog posting.  Ok, I'll take "c - all of the above".
None the less, here is a fantastic memory from this past year of Emma with her cousins, wildly riding the go-cart through puddles at Grandma's house.  Let's all keep in mind this is the EXACT go-cart, my brothers and I rode as kids.  Good times just keep on a' rollin'. 

The next picture very well might be my favorite.  Isn't my nephew a hoot?  And if you look closely you will see a weed got not only stuck to his pants, but caught in his belt loop!  Crazy good times.
And where is Miss Dare Devil herself?  A little hesitant when the big kids went zooming by, yet had that look of want all over her face.  Mom to the rescue.  We traveled together as she waved to the spectators.  This momma's still got it.

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