Sunday, November 17, 2013

A moon, rocket, policeman...and moose.

The below story is from the voice of our high pitched, 10 decibels higher than anyone else, Hope.  Phonetically written three year old style and spoken in seven very long run-on sentences that took approximately seven minutes to spew out. We're not even sure she took a breath.

"See dat moon up dair, you said it wuas big but it not weally, it is tiny look how tiny it is can we have a picnic up dere it is so bright.  We need to have a picnic updere ya, ya, a picnic wit a picnic basket and stuff on dat moon cause it would be fun, be wealley fun to get up dere and have a picnic, hey  you, you know how we can get to dat moon for our picnic, a wocket, yep a wocket, we need a wocket to get dere to fly up to dat moon.  A wocket would fly us all da way up dere and den, den, den, we could have our picnic dere, do we have a wocket to get us to da moon? Dad, do do we do we have a wocket?  Helllooo, Dad, Dad we need a wocket to fly to dat, um dat, dat moon for our picnic do we have a wocket? [no Hope, we don't have a rocket] Well we need a, a, a wocket, we can get one from a policman cause he will have a wocket to fly to get to dat moon is dere a policeman around here, if dere is we can ask him for, for, for a wocket, I dink a policeman would have a wocket for us den we could have a picnic up dere.  I wealley want to go to dat moon on a wocket and have a picnic up dere...on dat, dat, dat moon."

[five second pause]

" dere a moose around here anywhere?"

And that my friends is what comes out of our backseat during a car ride back from Papaw's house.

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