Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kinda corney.

After a fun morning at Stuckey Farm's Fall Harvest last Saturday, we sat down to eat lunch. Hope has on her usual eating attire of just shirt and underwear.  Her cute shortness just barely puts her head at plate level, however Miss Independent is way over using a booster seat.  So to accommodate her wonderful table manners, we have allowed her to sit on her knees.  And yes, as parents, sometimes we must choose our battles, so occasionally she "squats" on her feet on the bench.  (A yoga pose to make any adult jealous, so quite frankly I think why not let the little master of posture sit this way at the table.)

Anyhow...in her squatting position, she takes a few bites of her lasagna and makes a painful face.  With that face she starts putting her hand in places that...well...that no lady should, dinner table or not.  She continues to "scratch" front and back with an unpleasant face.  I ask her what is wrong and our lovely answers, "there's something in my hiney."  Keep in mind to my three year old hiney is a term used for the whole anatomy under the panties - edge to edge, front to back.  So my motherly duty does a quick search and there is nothing to be seen in the hiney region.  Can we please just get on with lunch now?! Yes, thank you.

Midway through our always entertaining lunch, we hear a noise from the bench Hope is sitting on.  A weird noise.  A noise like something just fell out of her and tapped a landing on the bench?  uhhhhhhh......

Yep.  Right there, my daughter laid a nice orangeish-yellow kernel of corn.  Right out of her hiney.
Guess the girl wasn't kiddin' huh?

The moral of this story?  Well, there is none.  But we now know, when you spend part of  your morning making snow angels in a sandbox of corn you better check your hiney before squatting for lunch.

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