Friday, October 11, 2013

5-6 freeze

The normal craziest hour of the day 5:00-6:00.  If you have ever called and wondered why I never answer the phone, it's because supper is cooking, Hope just woke up and is demanding a drink or a snack or her hinny wiped, Emma is stuck on a homework problem or wanting me to look at this or look at that, the dog has to be let in and out to pee 17 times during this hour, and Adam isn't home yet.  Yep.  That's about something like it.

But yesterday I felt that tug on my pants as I was peeling tomatoes for another seasonal meal.  "Hang on Hope," my usual response.  She keeps tugging, keeps nagging, my brain hears it all along with a barking dog and Emma practicing the guitar yelling, "did you hear me?"

What's that?

Hope is handing me a paper. 
On it is some scribbles and three very clear letters that make my world freeze.


"Look mommy, I spelled your name!"  After my hearts skips a beat, I kneel down eye to eye with her.  "You sure did.  And I love it."  We celebrated. She was so proud.  I was so proud.  It now adorns our fridge with bottle cap magnets framing it.  It was if the whole hour was on mute.
These are the moments that make every ear-ringing 5-6 hour worth it.

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