Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just when you need it....a gift.

Let's cut to the chase. I'm not a perfect mom, nor would I ever confess to be. And come to think about it, is there a such thing? Perhaps. But it ain't in this house, folks.  Some days (like ah-hem, today) this momma can really have her buttons pushed.  On an already week of "issues"...we'll refer to them as, because who needs to hear someone else's long list of woes that turn your mind to toddler woke up with her game face on.  And by game face, I mean - let's test mom as far as I can today with my toddler tantrums, fit outbursts, temper slapping, I've had to sit in a chair too many times, attitude. 

But then, out of the blue, a dear friend sends out a message on facebook. 
Yep.  Just when you need it. 
It's the drop of drool getting ready to take it's plunge as it slides down her cheek.......
It's that footprint that never sits still and makes pitter-patter sounds across our floors....
It's the ten little toenails with scraped off toenail polish on them.....
It's the tiny soft hands that are tucked up under so tightly.....
...that makes me realize today is, indeed, a gift.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Turning 8 with a big BLING.

Ever have a "Big Bling Birthday Bash?"  Well, if you did, it might look a little something like this.

Fourteen girls, lots of sparkle, lots of squeals and giggles, and lots of bling.  They blinged out tote bags, made some very blingy rings, hairclips, and necklaces...end even accented there faces and hair with a little lot extra bling.

And what is a birthday party without cupcakes?  Guess we don't know that answer to that....

Happy 8th birthday Emma Lillie! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rock Star

"Hey Mom! Look at dis!  Dis is my guitawr and I'm gonna take it to Papaw's chuwrch  and pway it wit him. Yep, wright up dair on Papaw's stage. You and Emma and Dad can come watch us."

**Papaw plays guitar on Sunday mornings at their family church.  Apparently he has a pretty good following of fans because this isn't the first blond chic to want to follow in his musical steps!

Monday, September 9, 2013

We see the same moon, we do, we do.

Our family has a few extra members than pictured in the latest post titled Family. We have a dog (the first real baby of the family), named Hank...often refered to as "my brother" from Emma and Hope.  And then we have this beautiful princess who has entered our family as of last year...
Her name is Nayerli.  She just turned 8, celebrating her birthday yesterday.  Only 6 days older than Emma, these two could not be any more alike.  Both share so many of the same interests.
Last year for Christmas, I had one thing on my wish sponsor a child from poverty, and to be even more precise from Bolivia.  After visiting there months prior and learning of the Compassion International program, I couldn't have been more impressed of the great work of God's people saving children from poverty one smile at a time.  I could go on about the amazing (and true to the ropes) program, but it wouldn't be right to not go on about what truly touched my eyes, ears, and heart.

A whole new world...a world where a community of children are being raised on a landfill, literally.  Homes are small shacks with dirt floors that barely hold all it's members.  However it is one of the happiest worlds I have ever been in.  Simplicity to the ninth degree.  Kids with smiles, hugs, an eagerness to learn, a desire to have God as the center of their hearts.  Nothing but mind-blowing, humbling, and gut wrenching at all the same time. 
Regardless of the journey those 11 days, the one detail that I couldn't let down was how these are all children of God no different than my two children.  No different
Well, as much as you try, they won't let you bring any home in your suitcase.  So last year for Christmas, my wish was to become a sponsor.  After a domino trickle of events, we were given Nayerli.  Chosen solely based on the fact she and Emma we so close in age, and in her picture she had on a pink dress.  (pink being a favorite color around this place - I know, hard to imagine, right?!)
After our first letters of correspondence, we discovered Nayerli loves to draw.   The next letter spoke of her crafting and her love to dance.  And then a picture of her precious smile with the front tooth missing.  She truly is a clone to Emma.
So for a small price to pay, Nayerli is our sponsored daughter.  It warms my heart to know she is now able to participate in a program that will teach her school work, skills, and a love for God.  Her opportunities in life have opened like a flood gate.  Opportunities we would only want for our Emma and Hope.
We love to look at the moon and know it is the same moon Nayerli can see at that very same moment.  There isn't a day that goes past we don't think of her and pray for her.  She is truly a perfect member of our family.
Happy Birthday Nayerli!!! We love you to the moon and back!!!  xoxoxo  

Monday, September 2, 2013


When Emma was young, she was an avid Elmo fan.  There was a song about family from the show, she would sing from dawn to dusk.  It went a little somethin' like this...."Mommy and Daddy plus Emma makes three, we're a family, we're a family..."
As soon as there was news of a new baby, we told Emma the song wouldn't quite fit our family anymore.  As tough as it was to not hear that squeaky little four year voice sing that clever little diddy from Elmo, I think we made a pretty good swap.
Not too shabby looking, Phipps' family.  Not too shabby at all.