Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We've got it covered.

....the floor that is.  Covered in what seems to be a waterfall of 1st grade knowledge. 

Each year I keep a plastic tote of Emma's school work.  From projects to crafts, from math homework to spelling tests.  And of course, because we don't live in a museum, every year I have to pick and choose what to keep or not to keep.  Knocking that tub down to a litte-itty-bitty purple container that doesn't seem fair.
Being my third year in on this gig, we know what kind of non-emotional mom I am, right?  There isn't a single amount of evidence on this blog to state otherwise, right?  Ok....maybe just a tad.  So anyhow, here we go into this pick and sort, keep and recycle, job and yet still that stinkin' little lump in my throat still lingers.
After much deliberation we came across a pile of pencil covered-paint accented-collage pasted-journal noted-pile of 1st grade celebration.
As the sorting begins, we selected the finest and maybe a couple of not so much the finest.  The most memorable.  The ones that mom is going to pull out during that senior year and say, "just look at how much you've grown."  And amazingly it fit into that little-itty-bitty purple box. 

The rest?  Got photographed and documented here and made a memorable trip to the recycle bin.  -sigh-

Excellent job, Miss Emma Lillie.  Ready to start filling up that 2nd grade tote!

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