Friday, August 16, 2013

First day of 2nd grade

 As always another brick taller!  These long legs just keep getting longer.  And not to mention the little sidekick (sporting her best undies as usual daily attire) has really been growing too.  Just take a look back at last year or the year before....but for a real tear jerker try three years ago.

 And just like that, away my 2nd grader went.  Just like an 'ol pro.  Excited for a new teacher, excited to see her friends and according to her, "excited for recess and lunch."  Is mom excited?  Sure am.  How can I not be?  But I won't lie, when the scratchy feeling in my throat starts to roll around I just remember how good it felt when Emma grabbed my hand at Open House Tuseday night as the crowd seemed a bit overwhelming in the hallway.......or when she went to bed the evening before the first day and said, "mom, what if I miss you tomorrow?"  She's a gem.  Growing and changing, excited and eager, but still my baby.  Love her to the moon and back, I do.
So the bus pulls away.  I turn around.  Blessed that God has left my days to spend with this gem.  Now onto that game of Candy Land waiting on me.

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