Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Going against the grain.

She's three now.  Energy is in full force.  Sassiness is over the top.  As any mom will tell you, all kids are different, and boy do I have the perfect evidence to prove that truth. 
There seems to be a deep hunger in this three year old that my oldest daughter didn't have.  The hunger to push mom to the limits....just see exactly how far is too far.  The little dare devil enjoys getting into trouble more than sprinkles on a cupcake.
And seriously, lets just take a look at that face. Does it surprise anyone that trying to be forceful and instill discipline to this ball of cuteness can become highly toxic to my heart?
So in attempt to enjoy the cute moments and not allow frustrations to overcome the moments of butting heads (the term my husband has tagged on us), I was looking into preschools.  After some searching, I just couldn't help but cringe at the thought of telling my freshly three year old, "time for school today."  Just doesn't seem right, to me at least.  I know it works for several families out there and kudos to them. 
But, school?  [sigh]  School.  Can she just be a toddler for as long as she can? OK?  OK.
So now what?  Well, I found a athletic center very close to our home that offers a one day program for three year olds that is full of gymnastics, running, jumping, and playing.  Now this was sounding like exactly what Miss Energizer needs...and the break mom needs, too.  We would have our week, but have our space on one day.  Not at a school, but at gymnastics.  Perfect, right?!  I had my mind made up and was ready to sign the paper.

Then, this happened.
Before I was able to sign Hope up for her Mom's Day Out class, the first day of school happened for Emma.  And with any first day of school, I see a growing-too-quickly young lady that always sends my mind into the same racing thoughts over and over again...."if only I had one more day with her as a toddler."

Those five years of being a toddle are sketched away as memories now.  Everyday a treasure.  Everyday a confirmation that choosing to be a stay at home was, indeed, the right decision.  Looking back at pictures and seeing that chubby round face, with the sparkly dress up shoes, helping me mix up cookies, I only begin to wish there was just one more day like that....just one more.

The bells go off in my head.  I do have more days like that!  And one day, all to soon, Hope will be walking down that sidewalk, backpack in hand, with a mom holding a camera and thinking, "what I would give for just one more day."
So it is settled.  She ain't going anywhere but everywhere with me.  Me.  Her stay at home momma. 

We have LOTS of things to do.  Different things than older sister may have done, because they are different kids.  But none the less, we will make the most of these toddler days, because they too will pass way too fast.
Ending this post with a short side note....
I spent a morning at a social event full of stay-at-home moms a few days ago.  Many had toddlers with them.  While introducing and talking to people that weren't dancing to the Mickey Mouse theme song, I was taken back by the flow of conversation.  Once names and kid's ages were revealed, the next question repeatedly asked was, "now, which preschool does Hope go to." 
Really?  Really.  What an assumption.  I was austounded finding out I was the only stay at home mom that was actually staying at home with thier toddler on a full day to day basis. 
Then, not but two days later, at the local post office, Hope took up conversation with the lady behind us.  Revealing herself as a grandmother of a three year old, she asked Hope where she went to preschool.  The look on Hope's face was priceless.  She responded with, "my Emma in school, she ride a bus."

Settled. And apparently we're going against the grain.  But that's OK.  I'm kinda in love with the grain. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We've got it covered.

....the floor that is.  Covered in what seems to be a waterfall of 1st grade knowledge. 

Each year I keep a plastic tote of Emma's school work.  From projects to crafts, from math homework to spelling tests.  And of course, because we don't live in a museum, every year I have to pick and choose what to keep or not to keep.  Knocking that tub down to a litte-itty-bitty purple container that doesn't seem fair.
Being my third year in on this gig, we know what kind of non-emotional mom I am, right?  There isn't a single amount of evidence on this blog to state otherwise, right?  Ok....maybe just a tad.  So anyhow, here we go into this pick and sort, keep and recycle, job and yet still that stinkin' little lump in my throat still lingers.
After much deliberation we came across a pile of pencil covered-paint accented-collage pasted-journal noted-pile of 1st grade celebration.
As the sorting begins, we selected the finest and maybe a couple of not so much the finest.  The most memorable.  The ones that mom is going to pull out during that senior year and say, "just look at how much you've grown."  And amazingly it fit into that little-itty-bitty purple box. 

The rest?  Got photographed and documented here and made a memorable trip to the recycle bin.  -sigh-

Excellent job, Miss Emma Lillie.  Ready to start filling up that 2nd grade tote!

Friday, August 16, 2013

First day of 2nd grade

 As always another brick taller!  These long legs just keep getting longer.  And not to mention the little sidekick (sporting her best undies as usual daily attire) has really been growing too.  Just take a look back at last year or the year before....but for a real tear jerker try three years ago.

 And just like that, away my 2nd grader went.  Just like an 'ol pro.  Excited for a new teacher, excited to see her friends and according to her, "excited for recess and lunch."  Is mom excited?  Sure am.  How can I not be?  But I won't lie, when the scratchy feeling in my throat starts to roll around I just remember how good it felt when Emma grabbed my hand at Open House Tuseday night as the crowd seemed a bit overwhelming in the hallway.......or when she went to bed the evening before the first day and said, "mom, what if I miss you tomorrow?"  She's a gem.  Growing and changing, excited and eager, but still my baby.  Love her to the moon and back, I do.
So the bus pulls away.  I turn around.  Blessed that God has left my days to spend with this gem.  Now onto that game of Candy Land waiting on me.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rewind? Fast Foward? Both.

Ever wonder exactly how long you really slept last night?  Sometimes I wake up and think just that.  Was I really asleep for days, weeks, months?!!  Because July seemed to have passed so quickly, I tiredly look for a rewind button.  Rewind and sort.
Sort through hundreds of pictures that illustrate the many people we were blessed to spend time with.  Which brings me to a sad and pathetic way to get caught up - fast forward through several events that would normal stand alone in their own post.  From play dates to holidays, reunions to road trips, swim lessons, and birthdays...this month was definitely...well..."beautiful".