Monday, July 8, 2013

Twelve more....really? Twelve??!!!

Sugar and spice, and all that's nice, that what little girls are made off. uhhhhhhhh.......I don't think so! Let's just share a recent story.
On a beautiful Sunday noontime, Adam took all his girls to an Italian restaurant for some special dining after church service. Seated outdoors on the charming covered patio, with fountain nearby, the tablecloths echoed a somewhat "fancy" atmosphere as Emma would call it. 
The weather was perfect, not hot, but summer warm. The flowers in full bloom and birds chirping near the rod iron fence. And there sits our sugar and spice nice, Hope. After trying to shhhush her a bazillion times on her not-so-indoor-singing-voice, we just gave up and concluded that the snickers from the neighboring table was a sign they didn't mind so much hearing a few Bible school songs as they waited for their food.
Then came our food. And what did our happy go lucky child order? Yep, spaghetti. Which typically isn't a large deal for one of our children to order, however this child has a particular way of eating it. She takes her dainty little fingers and plunges them in the bowl, picking up one stand of spaghetti at a time. Taking that one strand, she sucks it through her fish shaped lips until the last inch goes so quickly it whips up to her nose all the while flinging sauce on those blond locks. And course it tickles her what would any toddler do that has sauce covered fingers do? Oh ya. You guessed it.
 So as the table next to us is leaving, the gentleman stops at our table to compliment how beautiful and adorable our girls are.  100% agreeing, we thank him for his kind words. He goes on to tell us we should them put in some kind of commercial on TV. Still agreeing, we nod and smile. Then he proceeds to tell us, "...and you should have 12 more just like her (pointing at sauce covered Hope)!"
Oh dear.  Did he really just say, twelve?!  I think Adam might have just fallen off his chair!  We chuckled and watched the gentleman exit, along with his wife...and teenage daughter.

Twelve more.  Twelve.  Well, if in God's plan, we would welcome each one into our home with arms wide open.  And also get that gentleman's phone number to babysit!  (and get a large order of napkins too.)

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