Wednesday, July 24, 2013

St. Louis or Bust

Long story short...we'll have to go with bust on this one!

A few weekends ago in June, we decided to turn a couple tickets to a Cardinals game into a nice weekend adventure with the girls.  And adventure it was.  Rain, 24 hour fever with one child, rain, canceled help meant one canceled ballgame ticket, rain, a swaying arch, more rain, stuck in arch, rain, delayed baseball game, traffic jams, bleeding teeth, and did I mention rain?  Amongst all, we were able to capture some pretty fun moments, and above all made some, ever etched in our head, memories!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She's three!

Yesterday we celebrated Hope's third birthday.  Sweetness all around as her biggest fans (Dad, Mom and Big Sis) sang and showered her with lots of love....and a little sugar.  Love you Hope the moon and back! xoxoxo

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who needs Webster?

According to Webster's dictionary.......
Hide-and-Seek, noun \ˌhīd-ən-ˈsēk\ : a children's game in which one player does not look while others hide and then goes to find them.

Seems like these two don't need Webster to tell them what to do...they've got it all down pat.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Hope.

Oh this girl.  Last night during a nice peaceful supper on the porch, Hope uses her fingers to pick up a piece of spaghetti.  As she swings it around she announces, "I'm a cowboy, I'm a cowboy!"

I guess that wasn't as weird as the night before during supper.  All sitting at the table, Adam, Emma and I are enjoying some conversation, when I look over to notice Hope is a world of her own.  With her eyes shut, she was holding a piece of sliced apple and brushing it across her eyelids.  She went back and forth several times before she started swiping the apple slice over her forehead (eyes still closes).  I asked her what she was doing...her response, "I'm getting ready for my birthday."

Just Hope.  Just the normal daily adventures of Hope.  Never a dull moment with that girl.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Father's day, Rockin' Sharps style.

Taylor Swift?  Nah, that's just our sweet, artsy Emma before her first guitar debut!  Still catching up on my blog sabbatical....we have finally made it to Father's day, which was recital day.  Only fitting since Mother's Day was the big dance recital, right?
And because I'm not technology savvy, and can't prolong posting this until I become a technology buff, no video.... sigh.  Video of Rockin' Sharps (duet with teacher) rocked the house!  Guess you will have to take my word for it. 

Bravo, Bravo!!!  Take a bow!  Great job!  And not to mention she stole the show as the only guitar showcase amongst several piano pieces.  I have a feeling this won't be the last show she steals.  And as for those Dad's in the picture below - Bravo, Bravo!!!  Super fathers on a super Father's day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girlfriend Ride 2013

 Every year in Columbus, IN, hundreds of girlfriends jump on their bikes to help raise money for domestic violence.  This year, I had a very special girlfriend join me for her first big bike ride....a full 10K (7.8 miles to be exact...had to bike to the start/finish).  And she did a fabulous job! 


She has already said next year she wants to do the 25K route.  This girl rocks my world!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Twelve more....really? Twelve??!!!

Sugar and spice, and all that's nice, that what little girls are made off. uhhhhhhhh.......I don't think so! Let's just share a recent story.
On a beautiful Sunday noontime, Adam took all his girls to an Italian restaurant for some special dining after church service. Seated outdoors on the charming covered patio, with fountain nearby, the tablecloths echoed a somewhat "fancy" atmosphere as Emma would call it. 
The weather was perfect, not hot, but summer warm. The flowers in full bloom and birds chirping near the rod iron fence. And there sits our sugar and spice nice, Hope. After trying to shhhush her a bazillion times on her not-so-indoor-singing-voice, we just gave up and concluded that the snickers from the neighboring table was a sign they didn't mind so much hearing a few Bible school songs as they waited for their food.
Then came our food. And what did our happy go lucky child order? Yep, spaghetti. Which typically isn't a large deal for one of our children to order, however this child has a particular way of eating it. She takes her dainty little fingers and plunges them in the bowl, picking up one stand of spaghetti at a time. Taking that one strand, she sucks it through her fish shaped lips until the last inch goes so quickly it whips up to her nose all the while flinging sauce on those blond locks. And course it tickles her what would any toddler do that has sauce covered fingers do? Oh ya. You guessed it.
 So as the table next to us is leaving, the gentleman stops at our table to compliment how beautiful and adorable our girls are.  100% agreeing, we thank him for his kind words. He goes on to tell us we should them put in some kind of commercial on TV. Still agreeing, we nod and smile. Then he proceeds to tell us, "...and you should have 12 more just like her (pointing at sauce covered Hope)!"
Oh dear.  Did he really just say, twelve?!  I think Adam might have just fallen off his chair!  We chuckled and watched the gentleman exit, along with his wife...and teenage daughter.

Twelve more.  Twelve.  Well, if in God's plan, we would welcome each one into our home with arms wide open.  And also get that gentleman's phone number to babysit!  (and get a large order of napkins too.)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baseball Birthday Bananza

Happy birthday to the best dad in the whole ballpark!  Emma and Hope surprised their dad this year with a baseball themed birthday adventure!  They started off with a cake that was made and decorated by Emma.  Hope was the official "candle CEO" of the cake.  All candles were hand picked by her and placed in very strategic places....all decided by her funny little mind.
After some supper and cake, we were off to the ballpark where we met up with Grandma and Papaw to join in on the festivities!  Weather was perfect, seats were fabulous, and the evening was topped off with fireworks (all in honor of Adam's birthday....wellllll, that or it might have been for charity.)  Happy birthday Daddy-O!!!!!!!! xoxoxo, your girls