Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi. What's your name?

"Hi.  What's your name?"
"Mary.  What's yours?"
"Hope.  And this is Mommy."
Repeat with Katie, Daisy, Jenna, Jenny, Zach, Sandra, and a whole other slew of strangers from the grocery store  every public place we go.  That's right, we know them all, thanks to our chatty and friendly two year old.  Every conversation starts out the same, and then once introductions have been concluded, it usually goes into a long story of either where her daddy and sister are or a run down of her upcoming birthday party.

 And if her chatty-non-stop-high-pitched-never-heard-of-inside-voice-conversations don't grab your attention, then just come on over to our back porch.  This is where the whole neighborhood gets to soak in the sounds of the echoing "Hope Horn".  Oh yes, it's loud.  You may have already heard it where you live. 
Does she crack herself up? Yep, she sure does. For example, a couple Sunday's ago we were in the car pulling out of the parking lot. Adam and I were asking Emma what she learned in her Sunday School class. Emma was softly trying to share with us her Bible story, but Hope was overriding her sheepish voice with the long version of the color of grass. Adam politely asked Hope to please be quiet and not interrupt Emma. Her reply, "OK. I was just being funny."  [followed by self proclaimed giggles]
Dear funny girl,
Hi.  What's your name?
"Hope.  And I'm the girl that everyone wanted me to talk when I turned two.  Boy, did I have them all fooled."

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