Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Young Authors Night

Watch out world, she's a published author!!  With the gold seal to approve it! Last Tuesday, Emma gave her family an official invitation to attend the reading of her story.  The whole family traveled into the school's library with several other camera-in-hand parents....and squirmy little siblings, to hear the wonderful students of Mrs. Fremion's class read their masterpieces. 

Emma was first up in her group (more on that later).  She sat in front of her groups circle and proudly read to all her book, "The Missing Cupcake."  It came complete with a dedication page (sweetly dedicated to her little sister), superstar illustrations, and a final page all about the author.  Superb!

Just a few other key notes to this exciting evening...
notice the bigger than life size painting of Arthur and his dog?  This was the greeting on the library door.  The sign next to it had the name of four artist and one of them was none other than our Emma Lillie!  A library project she and three others had worked on the week before - well done!
And notice that Fancy Nancy costume Emma is sporting?  I think we have seen that before!  Of course wouldn't life have it that picture night for her recital class fell on the exact night of Young Authors.  Of course.  Both events being across the county of each other, there was no room for error (or change of cloths if you get my drift.)  So in costume she went and politely excused herself after her book was over.

Shew!  Artist, author, and dancer...this is one busy and outstanding young lady!

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