Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Once Upon a Time" we danced....

Every other year a grand event comes to the ZHS auditorium on, non other than, Mother's Day.  The Village Studio dancers go the whole nine yards and dance their hearts out.  This year, one of those dancers was our little diva.  Her ballet class wisp away to the story of Fancy Nancy. 

Little sister getting in on some cheese action!
No pictures allowed during performance, but this momma couldn't sit that tight through the finale!

Beautiful.  My favorite picture.
Blessed to have two grandmothers and one great grandmother as cheerleaders.

Proud momma!  (and dad too, even though he is still looking for the scoreboard.)
Kudos from Aunt Amanda!
(p.s. no pictures with Hope and Papaw...they were off on their own adventure playing in the van.)
She's made for the stage!
Bravo Emma Lillie!   You did a fabulous job with every graceful move you made.  A beautiful addition to the show, you are.  Love you to the moon and back. xoxo

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