Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Some of our life's greatest memories have no available pictures.  That surely doesn't mean they are rising to the top on the memory scale.  Things like letting Hope sit on my lap as we move the truck around the yard and lay the mulch.  Then, just to hear one more long belly laugh from her, we take a spin around the neighborhood.  Yep, never to young to learn to drive a stick shift, aye?

And how about the evening four hooligans try to catch seven little bunnies that have made home in the front flower bed.  Did I mention one adult had a biking helmet on (and it wasn't me!), one child was jumping around with a bucket hissing like a snake (because a snake will eat a bunny?), and another child driving her scooter yelling, "bunny come ride with me!"  Yes, ever so glad we live at the peak of the housing addition for every one's entertainment.

Then be a fly on the wall...and watch as Adam goes into Emma's school to have a picnic lunch with her and the rest of the class.  Emma, a very artsy girly girl, with her dad...not a girly girl.  Can't wait to hear all about his adventure and 35 minute lunch with his daughter and her girly friends she sits with.  What a good dad.  But I am sure he will be ready to watch a ballgame by the time he gets home.  Maybe he could go hunting....for rabbit. 

No pictures available.

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