Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sharing some seeds...

So we have a few dandelions.....
OK, so maybe more than a few....
But we also have a seven year old daughter....
...and there's nothing more magical and fun than making wish, after wish, after wish.
Do our neighbors like her wishes?
Probably not, but nothing their chemicals can't stomp on. ;)
For now, we stomp around "el natural".
And share some wishes....and seeds.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pants optional.

Is this not the the most gorgeous two year old you ever met?  I kinda think so.  That fair skin, long eyelashes, and those curly blond locks......
...and daily attire of no pants paired with her pink zebra boots.  ADORABLE. 

Now, before you see the rest of the pictures, please don't judge me for letting my child play in the sprinkler before Memorial Day.  Trust me, it was hot.  HOT.  And this momma needed to get her garden planted, therefore some entertainment that didn't pose any destruction was needed for Miss Sassy Pants.  (Oh wait, that nic-name won't work.)



Some of our life's greatest memories have no available pictures.  That surely doesn't mean they are rising to the top on the memory scale.  Things like letting Hope sit on my lap as we move the truck around the yard and lay the mulch.  Then, just to hear one more long belly laugh from her, we take a spin around the neighborhood.  Yep, never to young to learn to drive a stick shift, aye?

And how about the evening four hooligans try to catch seven little bunnies that have made home in the front flower bed.  Did I mention one adult had a biking helmet on (and it wasn't me!), one child was jumping around with a bucket hissing like a snake (because a snake will eat a bunny?), and another child driving her scooter yelling, "bunny come ride with me!"  Yes, ever so glad we live at the peak of the housing addition for every one's entertainment.

Then be a fly on the wall...and watch as Adam goes into Emma's school to have a picnic lunch with her and the rest of the class.  Emma, a very artsy girly girl, with her dad...not a girly girl.  Can't wait to hear all about his adventure and 35 minute lunch with his daughter and her girly friends she sits with.  What a good dad.  But I am sure he will be ready to watch a ballgame by the time he gets home.  Maybe he could go hunting....for rabbit. 

No pictures available.

Young Authors Night

Watch out world, she's a published author!!  With the gold seal to approve it! Last Tuesday, Emma gave her family an official invitation to attend the reading of her story.  The whole family traveled into the school's library with several other camera-in-hand parents....and squirmy little siblings, to hear the wonderful students of Mrs. Fremion's class read their masterpieces. 

Emma was first up in her group (more on that later).  She sat in front of her groups circle and proudly read to all her book, "The Missing Cupcake."  It came complete with a dedication page (sweetly dedicated to her little sister), superstar illustrations, and a final page all about the author.  Superb!

Just a few other key notes to this exciting evening...
notice the bigger than life size painting of Arthur and his dog?  This was the greeting on the library door.  The sign next to it had the name of four artist and one of them was none other than our Emma Lillie!  A library project she and three others had worked on the week before - well done!
And notice that Fancy Nancy costume Emma is sporting?  I think we have seen that before!  Of course wouldn't life have it that picture night for her recital class fell on the exact night of Young Authors.  Of course.  Both events being across the county of each other, there was no room for error (or change of cloths if you get my drift.)  So in costume she went and politely excused herself after her book was over.

Shew!  Artist, author, and dancer...this is one busy and outstanding young lady!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Once Upon a Time" we danced....

Every other year a grand event comes to the ZHS auditorium on, non other than, Mother's Day.  The Village Studio dancers go the whole nine yards and dance their hearts out.  This year, one of those dancers was our little diva.  Her ballet class wisp away to the story of Fancy Nancy. 

Little sister getting in on some cheese action!
No pictures allowed during performance, but this momma couldn't sit that tight through the finale!

Beautiful.  My favorite picture.
Blessed to have two grandmothers and one great grandmother as cheerleaders.

Proud momma!  (and dad too, even though he is still looking for the scoreboard.)
Kudos from Aunt Amanda!
(p.s. no pictures with Hope and Papaw...they were off on their own adventure playing in the van.)
She's made for the stage!
Bravo Emma Lillie!   You did a fabulous job with every graceful move you made.  A beautiful addition to the show, you are.  Love you to the moon and back. xoxo

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Sweetness

What better place to begin a posting about Mother's Day than in the bathroom.

We have a small chalkboard in our main floor (everyone use) bathroom.  A fun little decoration that has become a fun little message board for the family.  It's been used for celebrations, encouragement, birthday wishes, thoughtful caring notes, and just simple 'ol "I love yous".

With Mother's Day approaching, I decided that this week when I cleaned, the chalkboard would be left blank.  I just knew my creative seven year old sweetness would put a heart warming message on it for her mom.

well....not exactly heart warming, but she did leave a message.....
That girl cracks me up (no pun intended)!  I will add that despite the bathroom message, I was flooded with several hand-made cards and pictures to celebrate the day.  Not to mention attending a very nice dance recital that included one very sweet and beautiful dancer.  Couldn't think of a better way to enjoy being a mom, than with a Fancy Nancy Ballerina.