Monday, April 1, 2013

Show me the love.

What's all this talk about Easter? I'm just now getting pictures up from Valentine's day! ahhhhh...the life of a blogging mom (or not so blogging, lately).

So rewind back to February. A favorite holiday of mine and the girls. What could be better than a day to celebrate the act of loving?! This year Grandma was in town and got to love on a couple little beaming blonds.  Who's more excited over what...Grandma over the girls, Emma over her grandma, or Hope over a decorated cherry pie made from grandma?  I'll put my money on the last one.
Adam was out of town on business and missed this year's love fest.  But he remembered his fruit-lovin' kiddos and had a bouquet sent just for them!  Again, notice that Hope doesn't take her eyes far from scooping out the food!

And a Valentine day just wouldn't be complete without one of Emma's famous Valentine day parties for her Dad.  She always knows how to throw a fantastic one complete with dinner and dancing!
Dad's party pics 2012
Dad's party pics 2011

This year Emma helped make Red Velvet Chocolate Beet Cupcakes with her famous dairy free beet icing...a definite crowd pleaser in this house, just see for yourself!

So there you have it...better late than never.  It seems to have passed us ohhhh too quickly.  A beautiful day of loving, surprising, loving, giving, and loving a little more. xoxo

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