Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blessings at the fence.

We have neighbors.  They are swell way better than swell neighbors, too.

They. are. fantastic.

They meet us at the back of the fence to give us goodies...usually in baked form.
They watch out for our dog as if he was one of their own.
They keep tabs on Emma and all her activities from school to dance.
They give our girls crafts.
They invite us to their family get-togethers.
They feed us yummy food at their family get-togethers.
They have a shed full of tools that come in handy.
They make our kids smile.
They check on us after storms.
They save box tops for Emma.
They help me catch moles.
They buy girl scout cookies.
They let our girls hop the fence and play on their swing set (and ring the bell).
They have us over for evening fires...paired with s'mores.
They keep their eye over us when Adam travels.
They say "sure you can spend the night" when Emma ask.
They hug on our kids like their own grandkids.
They share their garden produce all summer long.
They always wave when walking by...and usually stop to chat.
They make special treats for each girl at every holiday.
They babysit on a dime.
They let Hope help herself in their pantry for granola bars.
They share their flowers and give us perennials.

They ask for nothing in return. We are blessed.

They aren't a frog and and elephant, they are Greg and Karen. 
They best neighbors a family could ask for.
(Last picture proudly taken by photographer, Emma.  Greg and Karen entertained Emma's invitation to come over for supper last summer to celebrate Adam's birthday.) 

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