Friday, March 1, 2013

alright, let's throw in some pictures..

Pictures are downloading again, and a mountain to sort through. What better way to begin the beautiful memories other than around the dinner table.

You see I have two beautiful gals. Both adoring the bluest of blue eyes, and sweet strays of blond whispies.  We wash our hands, take a seat at the table and patiently wait till everyone is seated.  With everyone seated so poised, we gently raise our hands as two precious sisters begin their prayer...
Open and shut them, open and shut them...give a little clap.
Open and shut them, open and shut them...put them in your lap. [bow heads]
God is great, God is good,
Thank you Lord for our daily food, 
By His hands we are fed, 
Thank you Lord for our daily bread.

Within seconds after the loving prayer by those sweet adorable girls, something happens.
Call it spaghetti night, call it normal, or just call it being a kid and having fun...whatever it is, we usually need a towel.
Sometimes the towel ends up on our heads.
Sometimes it comes with an announcement that goes something like this, "Look Mom, I'm a cow - mmMOOOoooOOOOoooOOOOOOo."
Sometimes I think to myself maybe, just maybe, when these two pray, what God really hears is....
God is great, God is good,
We get silly when by our food.
By His hands we are fed,
Thank you Lord because mom is entertained up till time for bed!

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