Friday, February 1, 2013

To the Parents of Emma Phipps:

Oh yes, we got our first "To the Parents of" note sent home from school.  Here is how is all went down...

Normal day:  Emma gets off bus, walks up drive into house, hangs up her stuff, gets a snack, starts homework, and blesses her mother with all the toots she has been holding in for the day.  (Just another one of those rewards us mom's get!)

Last Tuesday: Emma gets off bus, runs into the house, drops her stuff and come sprinting to me hold a postcard address to her parents.  Face is beaming.  She had been selected to eat lunch with this Principal for "Stat behavior"!  This girl was high as a kite, I tell ya!
And so she did.  Table cloth, candles, special dessert and even sat right next to Mrs. Coffman.  She is still talking about it.

Great job Miss Emma Lillie - you have always been our superstar and looks like the rest of the world is finding it out too! xoxo

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