Thursday, February 28, 2013

It would take a pretty big bottle.

It has been too long since the last post.  The camera sits here with several pictures to share, but a glitch in our spastic computer is not letting me download any today.
However, no pictures doesn't mean there aren't memories being made.  For example, how about yesterday when Miss Hope comes up to me holding her hands up as if she's surrendering to an arrest and says, "I need new jammies."  And that she did.

Soaked to the bone in her jammies.  Head to toe.
Hair wet and water dripping off her hands.  And what do I hear in the background?  Water running from the downstairs bathroom?
"I need to wash hands and get marker off."
Gotta hand it to her...she did, and she did.  Proceeded with leaving a towel wadded up in the sink, aiding as a plug, allowing water to spew on the floor.  A lot of water. 

On a different note, Emma was playing with a mesh laundry bag/basket.  She and Hope both love to get in them and play "robot".  A few weeks ago, Emma was in hers and put the carrying straps over her shoulders and proclaimed, "Look mom, I have on a big bra."
"I have on a big bra."
My ears heard her right.
Questioning her a bit farther and she says, "you know like Papaw has."  Wow, this story just took an even bigger twist on top of the one it already had!
My face must have had a look of complete bewilderness tattooed all over it, because she didn't hesitate in rolling her eyes at me and saying, "you know like he and daddy wear out in the snow." mean overhauls?
Oh ya.

And those are the moments.  The moments that make me want to bottle up all their innocent-fun-loving-spirit and keep it pictures needed.

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