Thursday, January 10, 2013

She gets it.

Today's post melts my heart.  As I've said a million times, this blog is not just a way for me to share pictures with loved ones, more so, a scrapbook of my most beautiful moments that I never want to lose sight of.  And today's, I never EVER want to lose sight of.

Christmas.  I know there was a post a few days ago that supposedly "wrapped it all up"...but as any parent knows, it seems just as you get the last bag unpacked, the last decorations taken down, or the last thank-you note written, something else surfaces to the top.  Ya know, about...uh...mid-January.  ....and here it is.

It starts back in October (yes, I am terribly ashamed to say October), when the questions start being thrown like darts at a dartboard. "What's on your Christmas list, what's on the kid's list, what size, what color, how many,  when are you coming, how long will you stay, give me more ideas, buy, take back, re-buy, etc, etc, ETC!"
The materialistic-list-approach to the gift giving season usually sends mixed parenting issues at our house.  While the Bible does state, "ask and ye shall receive," Adam and I really don't love that fact that our kids may have misinterpreted that quote by making a list, handing it out, expect the gift, then get the gift.  I mean, whatever happen to the real meaning of gift giving?
Call me crazy, but the idea of actually taking the time to think of a person and picking out a gift that they know came from the thoughtful heart.  A gift that when they see it, they know the giver thought about it and picked it out especially for them, as opposed to an expected box to check off.  [ok, ok, blah blah blah, get off soapbox, on with your story before rattling on about the returning of unsatisfying gifts after Christmas!] ;)

So anyhow, it took a very long four days after the new year to clean, sort, and find places for all the girls new toys, clothes and gadgets.  As I was moving things around, trying to create more space, I stumbled onto a piece of notepaper, wedged between two couch cushions, that sits near Emma's craft supplies.  On it was the handwriting of a very special seven year old.  Our seven year old.

The top was lined with jolly snowmen.  And I only point this out because I know for a fact this was taken into careful consideration by our seven year old as to which piece of paper to use....snowmen it was.  Then written under those snowmen were these powerful words:  Song for You.
(And this would be where my world stood still and my heart began to melt.)

I thought and thought and thooought about you 
and didn't didn't know what to geeet you.  
so I thought and thought again 
and I found a perfect plan 
a Soong for you 
beside the Christmas tree is song for you 
and I made this song because I Loooove you.  
a song for you 
a song for you 
a song for you!
To: Mom & Dad & Hope 
Love, Emma
Breathtaking.  What I felt when reading this is 100% indescribable.
I love that she added extra "oooo" so I could hear the song as I read it.
I love the hearts and the swirls.
It got lost between the cushions and never made it to under the tree.  Part of me wanted so badly to tell our superstar composer I found it, but also knew it might hurt her feelings that she forgot such a meaningful gift.  So for now I hold onto it.  And will never ever let go of it.  Because now I know, she gets it.
Correction, she really gets it.

See what you don't know leading up to this Christmas season, was a couple other beautiful moments.  In the spirit of gift giving, both Adam and I knew how important it was to our seven year old that she be a part of the giving end.  We took her aside at different times, offered to give her a little money and go shopping for the other parent.  She refused both times.  Something big was happening inside this little gal's head.

A few weeks before Christmas, I had been invited to a Premier Jewelry party (the in-home parties where you buy off a host so she can earn free stuff, ya know).  Emma sat down with me and ask me what I liked most out of the catalog.  As we looked, I told her bracelets were my favorite and even though I don't have many, I really enjoy wearing them.

In the meantime, my mom was down for the weekend, she was asking Adam how his back was feeling after a fall he had taken that left him with a broken vertebra.  He proceeded to tell her that it was feeling much better, and only hurt to sit in certain chairs that didn't have enough padding or support in them.

Days pass, Christmas comes.

And this my friends is what Adam and I opened on Christmas morning, coming from two boxes wrapped and labeled from our sweet Emma....
 A bracelet for mom and a pillow for dad.  Both made by Emma.  She found the beads in her craft supplies and found the material from the sewing room.  Both with our favorite colors and patterns.  She listened.  She thought.  She picked out the perfect gifts.  Being hand-made was a bonus and just made them extra special.
And if you think we were proud, you should have seen her face.

Oh my sweet sweet Emma!  Thank you for the personal and heartfelt gifts.  Thanks for making the giving season perfect.  So glad you found such joy in giving.  You are a beautiful person from the inside and out.  Never ever change.  xoxoxo, Mom

ps - and just a quick note...when I turned the song paper over, I found this message.  Of course!!!

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