Friday, January 4, 2013

It's always fun and games, until....

 ...someone gets an eye poked out.  (or just blackened)
No worries at Hope moving to Alaska anytime soon.  This girl will run crazy when it's the hottest of summer out, but when it comes to the snow and cold she's my indoor gal.  Not even wanting to walk on the snow, we finally convinced her to give sledding a try.  First run with her sister was all she needed to laugh up a storm and say "I do it" as she loaded back on the sled as a solo driver.  Down the hill...laughing...smiling.....having a ball.  Crash.  An abandoned sled had intersected her halt and flipped up, nailing her right under the eye.  Two seconds and a nice purple goose egg came shining through, along with tears and "I go inside."
No more sledding for this lady.  Give her a call when spring rolls around.

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