Sunday, January 20, 2013

Got OCS? She did...finally.

Only Child Syndrome - A state of being when a child gets to spend all day, everyday, soaking in their parent's undivided attention.  (aka..."look at me, look at me!")
This kind of behavior usually results in a very happy child; spewing with silliness, lots of chatter, good cheer, and down right cuteness.

A certain first child of mine had symptoms of this syndrome for five years.  With her away at Grandma's house this weekend, a certain someone else got to taste the good life for herself.....
What a funny gal you have been this weekend, Hope Kaylynn.  I love your big sister to the moon and back, but how cool was it for you to be the only child for a bit?  I think you enjoyed it as much as your mom and dad did.  You. crack. us. up. 

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